Vocal Coach London

Having worked with many upcoming artists, Nicole knows exactly how to help you achieve your best voice. By setting realistic goals and using specialist science-based vocal training, you will see an improvement in just one session. 

Nicole is a specialist in contemporary voice training. As a voice researcher and vocal coach, Nicole is qualified to postgraduate level in vocal physiology. As a Vocology in Practice authorised instructor and a student member of the Pan American Vocology Association, Nicole receives regular training in order to continue her professional development as an elite international voice professional. 


Vocal Coach London

Vocal Coaching sessions are imperative to sustaining healthy vocal technique, whether you are a professional singer or just starting out. Book a session or send me an enquiry with any questions. Let me know how I can help with your singing.

Vocal Coach London

Your first vocal coaching session allows me to find out more about you, your voice and your goals. I will take you through some technical exercises which are designed specifically for your voice.  I will also teach you how to apply the exercises to your personal practice and to your singing. Once our session is complete, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how your voice works and how to successfully train it.

Vocal coach London

It’s likely you will have noticed instant results after your first session. Start your journey with me as your personal vocal coach and achieve more from your voice. After your initial session, you will have practical exercises, tricks and tools which will guide your singing. Regular training can benefit some singers, for which I offer a variety of payment plans. This insures that your sessions are cost-effective. If you don’t need regular training then I also offer no-commitment 1:1 training sessions. Click here for more information on prices and for online booking.


Due to Covid-19 all sessions will now be conducted online until further notice.


I’ve struggled in the past to find a teacher that works for me but every lesson with Nicole so far has been an absolute delight. Not only am I seeing immediate improvement and understanding what my voice should feel and sound like, but I’m also continually looking forward to each lesson! Definitely worth working with.

I cannot sing her praises enough. She is hard working, knowledgeable and willing to curate her classes to suit your needs. We began as colleagues and she was a pleasure to work with. As a teacher she continues to study vocal science out of interest which feeds brilliantly into her classes.

Nicole is extremely professional and very knowledgeable of the latest evidence-based approaches to vocal technique, which as a singer and speech and language therapist, is extremely important to me. I’ve had lessons with many vocal coaches in the past and I think Nicole is the one who so far has best adapted to my voice and technique required for the type of music I focus on. I now understand I had been working on the wrong things and seeing Nicole has been a wake-up call. She also makes me push boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone. I greatly value this as I am constantly looking to balance technique and emotion. I definitely recommend giving Nicole a try!

Nicole is an awesome voice coach and the same in person, a beautiful singer, down to earth, very helpful. She listens and understands what you need as an individual and works with you on a technique to improve on your skills. I only started my lessons a few months ago, however Nicole’s no judgment approach towards me (or her students) made me very comfortable quite quickly and made lessons easy to come to. She is fun and reliable to work with.

Highly Recommended. I’ve had 6 or 7 lessons with Nicole so far and it’s already made a very big difference to my vocal technique; breathing, posture, and ability to sing higher notes without straining and fatigue have all improved and has made me enjoy singing much more. Along with having loads of technical knowledge, Nicole has a friendly, patient and down to earth teaching style that can help you improve in the style and technical areas you want to develop. Thanks Nicole!

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