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Nicole is a professional vocal coach and voice researcher practicing from Hampstead, London. By understanding the complex mechanics of the voice, Nicole can to turn her knowledge into practical tools for the singer. Whilst studying for her MA in vocal pedagogy, Nicole’s research has already opened up opportunities to present at voice conferences in the UK. Having been a voice researcher for just a year, Nicole is already set to present her research at conferences attended by the worlds leading voice experts and Cambridge Press.

Aside from her career as a vocal coach, Nicole is a professional singer and songwriter. Her features with ‘Biometrix’ have achieved over a million streams. Outside of this, Nicole keeps herself busy by singing and touring with function and tribute acts. Performing at weddings, parties, clubs and events means Nicole travels all over the UK as well as around the world. Most recently Nicole had the pleasure of singing at the Kenyan music festival.

You can listen to Nicole sing here.

Vocal Coach Hampstead

Nicole Gill – Vocal Coach

From the minute I decided to be a vocal coach, I worked my butt off for 3 years attending every training program, conference and networking opportunity. This along with reading every book I could insured I had the knowledge to begin helping singers to develop their voice.

In contemporary music there isn’t a set technique for everyone to follow. Heavy metal genres to country and folk are all classified as contemporary genres. This means there is a whole array of different singing techniques across genres. Although there are definite rules in healthy technique, there are stylistic differences. Vocal coaches need to understand different genres in order to train each singer efficiently.

Due to the demands of the music industry artists and singers may strive for unique styles. This means they are using their vocal mechanism differently. Individuality might be something that an artist has built their career on. As a vocal coach you need to find ways to ensure their vocal technique is efficient, without changing their unique sound.

These challenges have always intrigued me. It is each singers individuality which has kept me passionate about voice training. Firstly, you have to analyse and assess the singers current technique, then you can develop it. Kind of like a voice prescription.

Nicole Gill – Professional Singer

As a singer I regularly perform with my wedding and events band ‘The Skip Jacks’. We gig all over Europe and the UK and perform a wide variety of genres. I also perform in tribute shows singing in theatres, clubs and festivals around the UK. Singing for hours each night and traveling long distances for gigs is something I often experience. I practice what I preach when it comes to keeping my voice healthy and my technique on point. Especially throughout the busy gig season.

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And the rest…

Throughout my career I have always worked in the care industry as a healthcare assistant. I have supported a variety of clients including people with severe learning disabilities and complex epilepsy. Working in the care sector has grown my confidence with people, as well as putting me in tough situations. These situations vary from behaviour challenges to life-threatening seizures and administering emergency medication.

Like anyone in a lifelong commitment to their passion, everybody needs some time out. I relax by bouldering!

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