Singing Lessons in London and Brighton

“I don’t just offer singing lessons, I offer myself as your coach.
That means supporting you through your journey.”

Working with me can help you to:

  • Increase vocal stamina
  • Extend vocal range
  • Reduce tension or strain
  • Increase confidence and boost stage presence
  • Strengthen the voice
  • Strengthen high notes and belt
  • Balance registers and transitions
  • Correct breathing or posture when vocalising
  • Plan effective and practical practice routines

Like a personal trainer would offer an exercise prescription, a voice coach offers voice instruction.

Within sessions vocal coaches work with airflow, the intrinsic vocal muscles and adduction, shaping of the vocal tract and the articulators in order to offer you the correct vocal posture for your singing. This is done through a mixture of vocal exercises, massage and stretch routines, as well as practical application to your songs or the songs you are passionate about singing.

Being very much involved in the industry myself means that I have a large network of friends and colleagues in different areas of the industry. This ranges from touring bands and session singers to voice physiotherapists and laryngologists. Being a VIP certified instructor means that I am part of a large network of the world’s leading voice experts. My clients are my genuine priority. If I work regularly with a singer, I’m on hand to help with any questions or issues they may be having and can draw advice from other professionals if needed.

Singing Lessons London
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